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Advanced Learning Workshops


Enhance your conference experience and add an Advanced Learning Workshop to your conference registration! All workshops will be held on Monday, Jul. 23, 2018 from 3:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.


Eradicating "Fit": Teaching Workplace Culture as a Tool for Equity


As recruiters and career development professionals, we often emphasize a job applicant's "fit" into workplace culture. This puts the responsibility on the applicant to adapt to the needs of an organization. At its surface, this goal makes sense: candidates who fit into a workplace are more likely to be retained. But how and where does one fit, if one's gender, sexuality, race, and/or ability status is not reflected in most homogeneous workplaces? As college populations become more diverse, how is our community of recruiters, career development professionals, and student job applicants becoming critical of "fit" as a spoken or unspoken metric of candidate evaluation and selection? With this in mind, Beloit College Liberal Arts in Practice Center teaches students to understand their social identities and the ways that those identities operate in workplaces. Through classroom instruction, workplace site visits, and industry tours, we teach the importance of narrating one's identity through resumes and self-presentation and analyzing workplace structures that might encourage or inhibit true inclusion. By equipping students with the language to self-narrate and the lens to evaluate workplaces, they become more discerning job applicants and more effective members of their workplaces. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the theories that guide instruction about social identities in workplaces and learn from examples of classroom workshops and site-based programs.

Learning outcomes:

  •  Connect theories of organizational structure and organizational change to theories of identity development and self-narration
  •  Collaborate with on-campus and off-campus partners to teach students about social identities and equity in the workplace
  • Develop learning opportunities for the students we work with that combine practical professional skills and higher-order analytical skills

Jessica Fox-Wilson, 
Director of Career Development, Beloit College 


  • $49.00/Midwest ACE members
  • $59.00/non-members


Preparing Students and Alumni for the Gig Economy


Freelancing, contract work and part-time jobs: each of these represents the fast-growing trend of “workplace elasticity.” Full-time, entry-level jobs are becoming rarer in many fields, as companies look to be nimble and engage unique talent on a project-based term. By 2027, freelancers are expected to become the workforce majority (or over 50%). What does that mean for our new professionals and for employer recruiting and retention? 

Learn about the realities of the gig economy in this interactive session. We will conduct a deep dive into the future workplace and how this will inform student and alumni decisions.  We will highlight ways that new flexibility can encourage wider career exploration, during an earn-while-you-learn stage. But we will also probe the ways that a recurring need to find new projects -- and to move up in the earnings curve -- will put new demands on career starters.

Fulfilling outcomes will require a new mastery in these three realms:

  • Building professional networks
  • Shoring up personal brands via social media and a clearly visible work portfolio
  • Negotiating effectively in a world where "what's standard" is constantly in flux 

Learning outcomes

  •  Understand the landscape of the gig economy through research, data, and storie
  • Learn new ways of finding -- and engaging with -- a variety of employers, ranging from solo practitioners to small businesses, contract-work specialists and the project-work champions inside giant corporations
  • Assess and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of the gig economy
  •  Learn how to guide and support students in pursuit of their goals in this new landscape


  • Eilis Wasserman, Career Coach, Ball State University
  •  George Anders, Author & Senior Editor at Large, LinkedIn


  • $49.00/Midwest ACE members
  • $59.00/non-members


"Tell Me About Yourself":
Communicating Your Strengths through Storytelling


We have all been asked to introduce ourselves -- whether for a job or meeting someone for the first time. How do you tell a compelling story that captures the attention and interest of the person with whom you're speaking? What do you say that will make your introduction professional and memorable? Research has shown that audience members recall stories better than facts; that story structure enhances memory and improves content recall. So, where do you even begin?   Jerome Ng and Dr. Kate McDowell have been working together over the last year to refine a workshop that combines Clifton Strengths and storytelling. In this interactive workshop, Jerome Ng and Dr. Kate McDowell will take you through the latest version of this workshop. Through different exercises, you will learn about your Strengths and build narratives around those Strengths.


Learning outcomes:

  •  As a professional, identify and become familiar with your Strengths
  • Explore ways to apply your Strengths in your daily lives
  • Understand the importance of Strengths in the level of engagement at work and life satisfaction
  • Learn fundamental research and concepts behind storytelling and communicating one's background through narratives
  • Understand successful story structures
  • Learn how to structure and remember your own stories
  • Become comfortable coaching students/employees on forming and telling their stories


  • Jerome Ng, Career & Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Kate McDowell, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • $49.00/Midwest ACE members
  • $59.00/non-members


New Professionals Orientation


Are you new to career services, recruiting and/or a new Midwest ACE member? Participate in this interactive and informative session to learn more about what we do and how we do it. You’ll have the chance to meet other new professionals and first-time attendees to Midwest ACE, interact with other members of our committees and our board, share best practices and start your annual conference on the right foot.

Professional Development Committee


  • Complimentary for Midwest ACE members
  • $59.00/non-members



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